Chump No. 3 sounds like No. 2

Given a sardonic sense of humor and a Democratic persuasion, there’s five months of entertainment to go: Three Stooges in One. The primaries are over. Who will show up now at Stage Right? Will it be the business bully? The sick hustler? Or some other Chump No. 3?

At first outing–Richmond Coliseum the evening of Friday, June 10–it was back to Chump No. 2: racist and narcissist. The crowd didn’t show–three-quarters of 12,000 seats empty. However, no apologies for the Mexico border wall. It will be “strong, powerful and beautiful…We’re going to win so much…We’re going to win at every single level.”

Counter-demonstrators marched in the streets. Banners read, “Build kindness, not walls” and “Take your border wall & shove it!” Republicans lost more support from Spanish-speaking voters, if there were any left to lose.

– Craig Bolon, Brookline, MA, June 11, 2016

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