Chump No. 3, plain vanilla creep

The briefly visible Chump No. 3 soon lapsed into the racist and narcissist Chump No. 2 and likely harbors, out of easy sight, Chump No. 1–the business bully. It was No. 1 who tried to grow a fortune, but he was not great at business. As one observer found, the Chump would have a bigger fortune today if he had been able to stash his huge inheritance in an indexed mutual fund during the 1970s and had left it alone.

Incompetent: While some simply call him a sleazebag, the Clinton campaign will likely crunch the Chump’s most vulnerable features: that is, sucking into his own malarkey, casually lying in statement after statement and blowing his cool over minor slights. Well after the Chump grabbed the Republican nomination earlier this year, reporters at the New York Times finally explored a long history of bluster, poor business judgment and mismanagement.

While the worst burdens of his business disasters fell on vendors, lenders and investors, the Chump lost his sprawling gambling empire in Atlantic City, NJ. From four major properties, only the Taj Mahal remains open hoisting the Chump’s name. That is his in name only–now owned by others under bankruptcy controls. The Chump claims he made out big-time anyway, extracting bonuses and fees. He says he would manage the United States the same way. Apparently he means to treat allies of all sorts like suckers.

Previews: Some find no parallels among U.S. Presidents and major-party candidates. Actually, there are several. Within living memory, Nixon surely comes closest. Lacking the public swagger of the Chump, he shared the petty views, casual bigotry, frequent lies, moral collapse and greed. Far more than Goldwater, the 1964 candidate, it was Nixon–the only President to resign the office–who led his party to displace Dixiecrats as fountains of racism.

Long ago, Jackson shared both the swagger and the racism. He treated U.S. government like his private farm. A contemporary defender of the practices coined a phrase: “To the victor belong the spoils.” [U.S. Sen. William Marcy (D, NY), 1832] After Nixon, however, as Richard Cohen described in the Washington Post, Republicans “welcomed [racists]…creationists, gun nuts, anti-abortion zealots, immigrant haters…and homophobes.” The Party of Lincoln becomes the latter-day Party of the Chump.

Ordinary: What stands to hold back the Chump is recognition that he was a rich kid who grew into a plain vanilla creep. Except for a sense of entitlement, there is little outside the ordinary. The Chump never went to public schools and never served in the military. He was expelled from Kew-Forest, a private school, even though his dad was on the governing board. He went to Fordham and then Penn, neither a marked sign of great distinction. He won no honors and earned no further degrees. Then he worked in his dad’s business.

According to a first-person report, in the early 1970s the Chump picked up a date in a white Cadillac with a car phone–then enormously expensive–but he had no money to pay the steakhouse tab in Brooklyn, sponging off his date and never paying anything. While the Chump worked for his dad in rental housing, the company was targeted with a federal civil-rights lawsuit for refusing to rent to African-Americans, a violation of the Fair Housing Act. According to a news medium, the Chump hired Roy Cohn as a lawyer, the well known ally of former Sen. Joe McCarthy and J. Edgar Hoover. His defense failed; he was forced into an anti-discrimination agreement.

– Craig Bolon, Brookline, MA, June 16, 2016

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